The Act of Listening. #podcast

Forget the debate on whether an ear-phone jack is important or not and consider the idea of a computer chip in your ear. 

Audio has been the slow boil that's on the verge of eruption and for good reason. Our ears and what we hear is a far more sophisticated experience than we give credit to. When you listen to The TED Radio hour episode on listening, you'll hear why the act of becoming a great listener is a path towards becoming a great communicator.


Hearing a story from someone who you might’ve thought was very different than you on the radio, in the car, with your headphones on and recognizing a little bit of yourself in that person has tremendous potential to build bridges of understanding between people and hopefully someday to move the needle on helping us recognize the power, grace and beauty in the stories we’ll find all around us when we take the time to listen.
— Dave Isay about "Ghetto Life 101."

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