Why building a Squarespace Website and Throwing Your Laptop in the Fire Could be a Good Digital Marketing Strategy.


Keanu Reeves has actually been using Squarespace since 2015, and the company saw an opportunity to tap him as a spokesperson, using his small motorcycle business to tell their story. We’ve seen Squarespace become a huge digital marketing touchdown for companies of all sizes, but especially game changing for small businesses.


We spawn Squarespace websites like baby spiders

You can actually create a new Squarespace website – in about 30 seconds (longer if you want to spend time perusing their many themes).

We’ve spawned Squarespace sites – for free* – for a variety of uses – online proposals to clients, documentation sites for a client’s core Drupal site, and functioning wire-frame models for digital marketing ideas. We also use it to build websites – in a single day – all with fresh new content included.

*Squarespace sites are free to try for 14 days and then you can continue extending by 7 days indefinitely until you’re ready to put a credit card in and pay $114 - $480 per year.


Better than Responsive Design.

Squarespace is not just responsively designed (design changes depending on width of device), it’s ultra-mobile friendly. For every visual you post to Squarespace, 7 different sizes are generated so that the closest device size loads the smallest file for the best performance. Small file size is a HUGE benefit in user experience and SEO.


Squarespace Runs with the big boys

While I mention this with extreme caution, customization options are off-the-charts with Squarespace. We tend to build our most challenging and demanding projects on Drupal because it can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. For example whitehouse.gov was on Drupal through President Obama's terms and I’m sure you can imagine the demands that had to be met by that site.*

Having said that, Squarespace offers compelling alternatives to Drupal with complete development access via advanced code version control tools (GIT) and runs style compiling in real-time – something that’s difficult to achieve with Drupal.

Control over your images in how they look on desktop all the way down to mobile is critical to content management and user experience. It has to be easy. It has to work.

Squarespace has a built in focal point tool making it seamless for even the most novice editor in publishing engaging visuals that look good on all devices.

These are just a few examples of what Squarespace delivers out-of-the box in that 30 second installation which takes quite a bit of effort to match in Drupal.

*Whitehouse.gov Moves From Drupal to WordPress in CMS Shift  December 27, 2017

According to a report in the Washington Examiner, the move to WordPress is all about cost saving, with the relaunched site saving U.S. taxpayers an estimated $3 million a year.  

*Wordpress is the most hacked platform – see below.


What about Wordpress?

Yeah. We have a sore spot for Wordpress.

It’s proven difficult to manage from a backend editing standpoint and most existing Wordpress sites we review for new prospects are unacceptably slow – a result, we suspect of the endless cheap hosting options.

It’s inflexibility for general content administrators to make changes or expand their digital marketing efforts is still surprisingly cumbersome despite latest platform updates.

Wordpress is also the most hacked. Among all hacked websites in 2016, 74% were Wordpress.

SEO and content marketing experts are quick to source Wordpress and all it’s tools for plug-in, but then you need these experts to help batten down the hatches and keep everything pristine and safe.

Squarespace Delivers Security and Simplicity.

But it’s not perfect - yet.

I cannot find a single instance of a Squarespace site ever being hacked and I check monthly.

That’s most likely because they have a single suite of meticulously designed tools with no options to add new apps from an app store.

That means it doesn’t grow in complexity and vulnerability by strapping in new code which degrades and needs to be rebuilt in a couple of years.

Think about your phone getting worse over time (albeit Apple with some explaining to do) – but it’s true with Websites as well. When we have the ease to add stuff whenever we want to try something new, things get slower and more expensive and eventually screams rebuild when you just can’t stand your site any longer.

Squarespace controls uptime and security by not opening up app plug-ins and, in huge measure, a giant reduction of costs, because it doesn't give you endless choices nor have to police millions of apps getting injected into the software.

Your content management system stays pristine, laying down a more powerful content marketing foundation of strength, stability, longevity and ease-of-use.

You’re thinking more about what to say and less of how.