Embrace image optimization for the easiest improvements to your digital marketing


75% of the average size of a web page is the images.

Making image optimization part of your workflow can reduce that size in seconds.

99% of the sites we review when asked to audit or help with a digital marketing strategy, suffer from gargantuan images on their pages.

Images make up approximately 75% of the average size of a web page and can often optimize close to 75% smaller without any perceptible difference to the average visitor.

ImageOptim: Drag images into box and wala – optimized!

It’s really that easy.

You drag an image from a folder over to the ImageOptim box and it optimizes the image right where it’s at – it doesn’t move anywhere, it’s just sized down.

You can undo the optimization as well, set the compression parameters – but really, you don’t need to do anything other than drag and you’re done. And you can drag tens or hundreds of images in and optimize instantly.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 4.55.48 AM_1500wJPG.jpg

Example: The Screen Capture Above

I screen captured the example above and the image was 580 KB at 2584x836 in dimension.

Squarespace recommends two image size standards. 2500 pixels wide (by any size tall) for large hero shots that span the full width of the page and then 1500 pixels wide for a body image.

I sized down the image to 1500 pixels and converted to a .JPG (mac screen captures are .PNG by default) and that reduced the size down to 133 KB – a huge improvement.

I then dragged the image over to ImageOptim and the image sized down to 43 KB.

I often find images on sites I review at sizes of 1 MB and larger (that’s 1000 KB).

In 2 seconds, I’ll drag said images over to ImageOptim and see those images size down to 100 KB - 300 KB (average).

figure example.png

MAC: ImageOptim

Click the link above to get your version for mac.


Windows: Try Compressor

I’ve not been able to test a Windows image optimization tool but I’ve tested the web based Compressor and it works nearly as well on any platform.

We can help you take this even further

We’ve also developed additional optimization tools which will batch size images into 2500 and 1500 wide dimensions. We will typically size and optimize all the images we capture when doing a photography session with clients or creating a library of assets.

Contact Us for help.