Sonic Branding into an emerging marketing channel.

Are you struggling to get your message out – to be seen and known by an audience you know is out there? Have you been thinking you need to do more video to drive a deeper engagement but worry about the cost and timing to execute? There is another option to consider which leverages our most innate sense and is a fraction of the cost in time and budget.

When you compare audio logos to visual have to see that logo over and over - it takes repetition. logos can reach you whether you’re looking at them or not. And the best ones are catchy so you only have to hear them once. You can walk away humming them, and in a sense, you can take it with you.
— Dallas Taylor – Twenty Thousand Hertz

Audio is a new frontier opening up in digital marketing and just like a logo, companies will need to consider their "signature sound" or sonic branding when considering this space.

The Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast released a great episode on Sonic Branding covering why audio is so innate to us and and how it's been used throughout the history of advertising.

Audio is evolutionary in that we hear before we see while gestating in our mother's womb. We are also highly tuned to hearing danger ("Go see what that sound was downstairs!"). You've heard of an ear worm? Consider the automatic looping effects of melodies within our brains when considering how we react differently to visual vs audio cues:

Podcasts are growing as a new marketing channel for audiences. It's far cheaper and easier to produce podcast episodes than videos and transcripts can re-written into complimentary blog posts & articles as the non visual format effectively translates into copy more so than it's visual counter part.

We use music and an audio host to help set up great conversations with organizations and their audiences.


Go deeper with cheaper audio marketing.

For small businesses, audio and podcasting can be a cost effective new way to get more intimate with your audience. The music and sonic branding are very much a part of the design the way color and shape impacts your visual branding. We can help you get into this space faster and cheaper than other digital marketing channels. All we need is to have a good conversation. 



  • Audio logos are more memorable.

    • We hear before we see (pregnancy gestation).

    • Audio is more evolutionary - sound is innate, we hear something coming when trouble is about to happen

  • Audio logos and video logos are interpreted in different parts of the brain

    • You can hum an audio logo and take it with you in ways you can't with visuals

  • Walter Werzowa

    • Created Delta Sonic branding

    • Listening to hundreds of 2 second audio logos is impossible

    • Walter builds the brand from the story behind the company rather than trying to create something sonically creative. "It's not so much my creativity, it's my understanding of a problem". Writing a mnemonic is not composing. It's inventing audio that works for a very specific task.

    • Walter created the most iconic sonic branding: Intel - 1994.

      • 3 seconds - it wasn't normal back then to tell a whole musical story in 3 seconds

      • Writing a mnemonic is not like writing a symphony

      • First note is a palette cleanser - get you ready for what's to come


Gary Ricke