What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Sales and Marketing: 7 Steps Infographic

This infographic from Infusionsoft nails it in 7 steps.

Read below the infographic on how we help small businesses implement these steps.


Attract Traffic

Social Media, SEO & PPC

All three of these options requires compelling content. We like recording short conversations with small business key people and customers and turning those into podcasts which can then drive written summaries & blog posts. These are typically easy for small businesses to do – have conversations – and then by optimizing the production process, we can produce and distribute cost effectively.

From there, it’s easy to share this on social media, key word and structure for SEO and then boost posts with PPC.

Capture Leads

Compelling content, Landing Pages & Trust

From step one, you’re off to a great start with compelling content.

For landing pages, we love using Squarespace index pages for that effort as it allows us to create libraries of deep information that are easy to maintain and keep landing pages simple and current. We’ve also developed techniques to make landing pages look simple at first glance with opportunities to expand into more information as the visitor decides.

With trust, we help small businesses build out their Google Business profiles particularly around the review system and then pull top reviews in as testimonials which helps in both trust and SEO.

Nurture Prospects

Establish a Communication Rhythm. Personalize Communication.

Nothing we know of does this better than setting up an email campaign with MailChimp. MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 email addresses and it’s the easiest tool we know of for tagging and personalizing emails specific to our growing audience. Add similar tagging and categories to our content and you have a match maid in heaven that nurtures prospects into customers.

Convert Sales

We diverge a bit differently than what this infographic suggests with regards to it’s statements around E-commerce and Personal selling.

We LOVE building calculators and configurators that allow visitors to your website to get a full view of your products and services by interacting with filtering and selection tools. Without having to scroll or click around to your site, if we can present a full offering of content that a visitor can tailor and customize to their specific needs, we see conversions go off the charts.

Deliver and Satisfy

“60% of consumers often or always pay more for a better experience”

We like to go all the way back to step one in creating compelling content by using existing customers as our target. By attracting new customers in the form of continuing to help existing customers we’re creating a feedback loop that shows existing customers we care beyond the sale and demonstrates we want to continue building a stronger and deeper relationship.

Upsell Customers

See the previous step.

The only upselling I would recommend is making it easy for existing customers to contact you as you’re demonstrating in the previous step that you wish to keep helping and educating therm.

Get Referrals

It’s easier than ever especially with Google Business. You just need a protocol. We like to set up email campaigns where by dropping a customer into a MailChimp list, or tagging them as a happy customer, they’ll get a compelling email and easy way to link over and leave a 5 star review.

Bonus Tip: Conversational Marketing

We use the Drift conversational Chat Application which offers a free plan to provide real-time chat opportunities on your website for visitors. It’s crazy easy to set up and manage and most clients see leads and conversations like they’ve never seen before.

Source: I could not find this at Infusionsoft but here are all the various sites referencing it: mostly Pinterest

Gary Ricke