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Face-to-Face Digital Marketing

Ecommerce website in one day: The Kayak Cart

Video, photography and the branding was done with similar speed prior to the build and The Kayak Cart product went from word of mouth to a fully functional digital marketing platform – in what felt like – instantaneously. 


An early morning drive to Delevan lake and a 1 hour interview in the garage of the products inventor, provided the story behind why this product with over 25 years of design, is the best on the market.




Designing the logo in half-a-day, on location with the company owners resulted in a mark created in only 15 minutes after several hours of logo best practices, color and popular branding evolution was studied including the new flexibility requirements of digital. It was 100% collaborative in a way that cut the typical design time down from what typically takes weeks or months with countless iterations and back-and-fourth.



Video and photography was captured on the shores of a local river which included steady-cam and drone footage of a kayaker easily using the product to find the best spot to join the stream under the rain of autumn leaves. 


A writer crafted the headlines and copy after some SEO research and several passes through the inventor interview to help our client deliver their messaging as expertly as the 25 years of engineering that went into the product.


This is the most comprehensive digital marketing build we’ve accomplished in the shortest amount of time. 

Helping this local company make a new marketing debut at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional effort only made a working day down by the river that much more enjoyable.


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