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Face-to-Face Digital Marketing

In 1995, two years after the web’s formation, Gary helped found an Internet start-up, cutting his teeth on the earliest forms of web strategy, design and development. He has since continued to adopt and adapt the latest advances in technology by designing, building and pioneering the next generation of digital communication architectures for his clients.


Today, Gary and his team are working on reinventing what it means to communicate and connect in today’s digital landscape by championing a return to our roots of epic writing, intuitive design, arresting audio and evocative visuals.

The Future is Hear


Listen to Gary's talk at the Chicago AMA's Marketing Slam on podcasting and the engaging power of audio.


Videos Slide Shows


Voice over recordings augmented by music, sound design and visual slides.


Let's Connect

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"In The Beginning"

Listen to a trailer for the pilot episode of an 8 hour, 60 mile bike ride along the Great Wester Trail where we ride back in time to our college years at NIU and share stories from our experiences helping launch a web start-up in 1995 and ponder the future of digital and the potential of humanity.