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Face-to-Face Digital Marketing

Hypersite Podcast Specification

All you need to do is talk. We take care of the rest.
Podcast episodes, article landing pages, social media posts (LinkedIn) and email blasts.

Multi-channel content marketing from a single conversation.

  • Setup & First Episode $2,500
  • Site Install |Squarespace Business Site
    Google Tag Manager
    Google Analytics
    Drift Chat
    Zapier Drift to Mailchimp
  • Anchor.FM Setup |Artwork, bio & podcast submission
  • 20 minute interview |Editing
    Intro & Outro
  • Podcast Landing Page |Transcription rewrite
    Supporting visuals
  • LinkedIn Article Post|Requires LinkedIn Credentials
  • MailChimp Eblast |Blast build
  • 5 Additional Episodes: $2,500 ($500 / each)
  • Episode |Interview
    Landing page build with visuals
    LinkedIn Article Post
    E-blast Design
  • Frequency |2 per month or 1 per month
    3 months or 6 months
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Hypersite Podcast FAQ

  • Billing
    • $2,500 down, $2,500 billed in frequency increments
      (i.e. $500 per month for 6 months or $825 per month for 3 months, billed the first of the month, due net 15).

      When we are ready to go live, we'll ask you to put in a credit card to purchase the Squarespace business class micr0-site at $216 per year or $26 / month.
  • What if we don't use MailChimp?
    • We'll create a free MailChimp account, build the blast and then provide the assets in a dropbox so your team can replicate, install and send from your preferred Email Service
  • How do you add images to the podcast articles?
    • Based on the subject matter of each podcast, we'll first ask you if you can supply any supporting images (photography, screen captures, etc.).

      We will also purchase up to 5 stock photos per episode if we feel that's what's needed. We can also search the web and use images where we can properly credit the source.
  • What do I need to get started?
    • Once we receive the down payment, you'll need to install the Anchor Podcasting App: See: for instructions.

      Then we'll share a Dropbox account so you can provide your logo in vector format (.ai or .eps) and any images.

      Then we'll schedule our first interview and reveal it through the new microsite 1 week from the interview and once approved, we'll be ready to install to LinkedIn and set up the email blast.
  • Can I produce more podcasts myself after you're done?
    • Absolutely! is a free App specifically designed to make podcasting easy and for everyone. They've also just released a new audio editing app for iPad. We'll document the transcription process we use and you'll be able to create new landing pages within your new podcast micro-site. Chances are we'll be more efficient than you would be and our production quality will be a little higher but once we get you started, if you've got more great stories to tell, you're audience may not notice the difference and more importantly you'll be continuing to publish content regularly which is the most important.
  • What if I want you to produce another season?
    • We would be elated!

      Based on how efficient we get with the first season, we'll estimate a cost per episode that's either the same, higher or lower – but the second season does not require the initial $2,500 setup.

      If producing the podcast and articles turns out to be more involved, we'll quote a little higher than $500 per episode. If it turned out easier, we would love to bring that price to less than $500 per episode. We can also consider recording several in one session to get the price down per episode – we'd just need to understand what the topics are and feel comfortable doing them in batch.
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