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Face-to-Face Digital Marketing

The following is our 10 step playbook for installing the most economical and powerful digital marketing platform.

All but one of these tools offer a free version and are designed to be managed by a person with no technical experience or software to install.


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1. Squarespace CMS

Start with Squarespace [SS].

At $216 per year for hosting, support and automatic upgrades, the fact that compared to Wordpress, which was the most hacked CMS in 2016, we can find no single instance of a Squarespace site being hacked.

We’ve found we can can produce most audience building, marketing driven web sites at a fraction of the cost on Squarespace than every other platform we’ve worked on.


  1. Visit Squarespace and install the Mentor template. No credit card required to begin building in preview mode where you get every feature and can share with colleagues. Watch their training tutorials. With these guides – this tool is within reach of just about anyone and is designed beautifully out-of-the-box.

  2. Join our mailing list where we give away code hacks to beef up your SS site and tutorials on how to amp up your digital marketing.

  3. Add the the following free tools to your digital marketing tool chest as needed.



2. Collaboration Tools

Google Docs

We typically create a project gmail account and then share access and establish a Google Docs island with the team for copy, design and project management. We've found this effective from the largest to the smallest of organizations along with multiple team-ates from different organizations (i.e. trusted agency, developer, seo expert, etc.).


  1. Create a gmail account at

  2. Go to

  3. Create documents, spreadsheets or presentations to and coordinate with colleagues by clicking the share button. Use commenting option and look at versions to see changes. Great free tool!



We've found this the easiest file sharing tool – including Google Drive to share assets like logos, hi-res images and pdf content documents. We also like to store art-work there – like site development files (Illustrator for icons, logo, etc.) and custom code (JS/LESS) for full access and transparency.


  1. Create an account at

  2. Be sure to enable and use the local file storage method (vs. online) – it's super easy to drag files in and confidently share with your digital marketing team.


  1. Sign in to account with the GMAIl account you created so you can haven your video guy/girl upload videos direct and then share with you the URLs for install into your SS site.


3. Audio Tools

Anchor Podcasting App

"Record or upload high-quality audio, host unlimited episodes, and distribute everywhere with just one click." – straight from their site.

Their app is as easy as there mission is simple. With just phones, we've been conducting podcast sessions across the country with this free app. Transcribe for $0.10 per minute with or $1 per, at and feed a blog with conversation. 


  1. Create an account at using the gmail account we created earlier.

  2. Instruct a friend to do the same and then search and follow your account at Open the app, start a recording with a friend, search for the friend that is following you and boom! They'll get the call and record your hi-quality conversation.

  3. Use our Anchor Record With Friends guide to help set up interviews easy.


4. Email Marketing Tools

MailChimp is the easiest email marketing tool to create beautifully designed touches to your audience. Add powerful audience segmentation and you've got hi-percentage click-throughs to your site. Take it further with their automation tools and your reaching out regularly with minimal effort.


  1. Create an account at using the gmail account we created earlier.

  2. Assemble a spreadsheet of every email address you can get your hands on – go as far back in years and people as you can. Keep your list to a single list. Visit our tutorial on How to Maximize Your Mailchimp EmailMarketing Platform.

  3. Introduce you new site to your email database. Invite your audience to sign up for how-to articles and other information that helps them.

  4. Build your fan base regularly.


5. Conversation Marketing Tools

In our 20 years in business we received more connections with visitors the first 3 months after installing drift than we had received in leads in the previous 19 years.

Every one of our small business customers we install drift to, they are elated with the connections they've been making. And yeah, it's free as well.


  1. Create an account at Use an email address to receive email notifications when chats start.

  2. Install it into your Squarespace account. Instructions here. (though we prefer to use Google Tag Manager to install but that's more advanced.)

  3. Download the App for iPhone or Android and use it to pick up chats anywhere you're at.

  4. Use the Away feature to make it easy to maximize your availability when it's most convenient.

6. Marketing Automation Tools

With Zapier you create Zaps which ties things together like Salesforce to a Google Doc, or Gmails that can automatically load an attachment to a Dropbox folder. And of course actions from your web site into your other apps.

Zapier supports 1,000+ applications you can create workflows around and manage your audience like a rockstar.


  1. Create an account at We typically use the gmail account we created earlier.

  2. Try creating a Zap where anyone who adds their email address to Drift when chatting with you, their email gets automatically added to a list in MailChimp.


  1. When your Zap adds a new email address to a MailChimp list (try to have only one list :), you can set up a trigger which can automatically send a Thank You email to your Drift visitor and thank them for taking a moment to chat. If they want to learn more about your, see your About Link.


7.Search Engine Optimization Tools

Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Business

Install Google Tag Manager First. Google tag manager is a centralized and really efficient way to add third party functionality to your site without having to touch your site code once it’s installed. It’s advanced but hands down makes digital marketing life much easier once it’s set up and you learn how to get around within it.

Google Analytics [GA] will be the first tag you fire off from within into Google Tag Manager. Adding your Drift Chat tool to GTM is also advised.

Then finish up by connecting your site to Google Webmaster Tools where you’ll begin your Search Optimization connecting for indexing and optimization.


  1. Use the gmail account created and create a new account at Google Tag Manager

  2. You’ll install the GTM code chunk into your Advanced Code Injection section of SS. Use Google’s Tag Assistant to ensure it’s firing.

  3. Header over to your Google Analytics account and get the GA ID. Add that as your first tag to GTM - use Tag Assistant to confirm.

  4. Finally, head over to Google Webmaster Tools where you’ll register your site with Google. To install to your site, we use the Alternate HTML Tag Method to verify and connect. Add the tag to the header of your code injection panel.

  5. Add SiteMap.xml to the url of your website to confirm an XML file come back. Copy that URL and install it to the Site Map section of Google.

  6. Next, head over to Google Business

    • Create a link for your customers to write reviews by using Google’s Place ID


  7. Review this article on How to get started with free SEO research tools.


8. Squarespace
Secret Sauce

Pour into your site to give your content kick!

Our own special blend of Squarespace hacks gives your site a bit more “umph” without impacting the taste of your editing tools.

These little Javascript nuggets add things like animation or content accordions or modals of information that pops! when your visitor is ready to engage an idea further.

We're giving away 20 free installations of our mini Squarespace enhancements in celebration of our 20 years in digital marketing this year!


  1. Visit to learn more about our Secret Sauce and all the capability it includes and see if it seems good for your digital marketing.

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We can install these tools in a day or a week – depending on your content needs.


Get all of this installed along with free content creation by a videographer & photographer, writer and designer.

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