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Face-to-Face Digital Marketing

  • How does the Secret Sauce Accordion Work?

    • All you do is add a #### to the last bullet and your set of bullets become an accordion

  • Why use an accordion?

    • It can make a lot of content look cleaner and easier for your visitors to scan.

      We can also set a trigger in Google Analytics so we can see which elements people are clicking on to open therefore which are resonating.

  • What are some good uses for an Accordion?

    • FAQs are perfect.

  • ~~accord


Click it. I dare you.


By how you name your images
you can apply over 50 animations.


Tabs allow you to hide pages within your index page and then reveal them when a link is clicked. That link is also activated so it can have a “selected” stage applied. Works great with SVGs which can be pictorial and then colored when selected.

Tab How 

Tab Why 

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Normally, our Secret Sauce comes included with any new Hypersite platform we install. 

Or, if you have an existing Squarespace site, we'll install it, test it and train you on how to use it for $500 (includes a 3 hour onsite digital marketing consulting session).

Today, in celebration of our 20th anniversary, we're giving away 20 free installations of our sauce. Or, if you win and purchase a Hypersite, we'll give you a $500 discount.

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The Complete Recipe

  • Interactive Animation |Name any image or section in your site and animation will automatically be applied and make the element respond to visitors scroll
  • Dynamic Color Panel |Make any panel within a gallery any color you want just by how you name an image. 
  • Summary Pop |A super easy way to create mini pop ups of more information – like for staff bios for example, so more information is available but not until the visitor chooses.
  • Panel Pop |Gallery panels with extensive copy are automatically truncated but then allow the visitor to expand the additional information. A teaser expands to more info.
  • No Overlay |Hero images are typically darkened with an opaque overlay so that copy over the image stands out. On a case by case basis, you can turn off that overlay.
  • Circle Image |By how you name an image, you can turn it into a circle cut-out. Great for bio pic thumbnails.
  • Accordion |Turn a large list of bulleted information into a compressed accordion to make it easier for visitors to scan headlines and then expanding what's meaningful.
  • Table |Create a table just like this that's easy to edit and is mobile friendly.
  • Content Character Styles |Add a special character to any copy to have it assigned a pre-defined style. Great for creating mini styled panels around content, for example.
  • Modals |Name a section of an index page with the name of "modal" and that whole section is hidden from view until a visitor clicks on a link to activate. Whole sections of content can be hidden and then revealed when the visitor activates. Works great on mobile too.
  • Slick Carousel |Create a much more elegant carousel than the default Squarespace carousel.
  • Timeline |Create an animated timeline that animates into view as you scroll.
  • ~~tbl 

Why Squarespace?

Squarespace comes the closest in offering the same power we get from our industrial strength Drupal CMS solutions but at a fraction of the cost and time to implement.

It's also the most secure and evolving platform we've experienced. We cannot find a single instance of a Squarespace site ever getting hacked whereas Wordpress was the most hacked platform in 2016 at 76% of all websites compremissed.

Squarespace has reduced the time we typically spend developing Drupal sites by over 90%! That gives us more time to spend crafting more beautiful pictures and video, producing theater of the mind audio, writing better headlines and copy and designing simple and engaging, easy to use digital experience that build audiences into super fans.