City Rescue Mission

City Rescue Mission

Overall, this is a well designed website. The home page video is captivating and loads rather quickly. The unique, top-line call-to-action menu stands out among typical text links used for this task.



Home Video, Logo & Nav

While the home video is captivating, there is some visual imbalance between the logo on the left and the larger watermarked version on the right.

The headphone icon on the top left of the page is a bit confusing and fights for attention with the organization’s logo. The icon itself doesn’t communicate “support” unless you scroll over it. Perhaps relocating this on the page or adding a secondary navigation listing “support” may better serve the purpose of this important function.

The red donate button is well placed, however, the font is a bit small at 12 pixels. As a rule, 16 pixels is the recommended minimum size for this application.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.17.41 PM_1500wJPG.jpg


Large Hero Images

Since the the large hero images on the site’s main pages fill all the space above the “fold”, they should include an arrow or some indicator that notes the content below it.

Usability studies indicate that full screen heroes have a tendency to not get scrolled by a significant percentage of visitors, and content below them remains unseen. This could be resolved by simply shortening the depth of these hero images.

Additionally, the potential impact of a hero image becomes less effective if used on every main page.

More importantly, we found that the size of these image files significantly reduced and nearly stalled overall page loading time.



The video used on this page presents a compelling case for giving. The “How your gifts are used” graphic fights for attention with this video when this page is viewed on the desktop. When viewed in mobile, this graphic is placed in a more appropriate order below the video. Moving this graphic down to the “specific needs” section on the desktop version is recommended.

While there are a number of monthly giving buttons and options for this call to action placed throughout the site, there is no case for giving monthly on the site. Adding two or three sentences about monthly giving to the existing copy under the “Desperate Times…” headline would accomplish this vital task.

The suggested gift options and the specific needs text do a nice job of making the ask.

The giving form itself follows current best practices for simplicity and ease of use. However, a prominent SSL security icon and text should be added to this section to reassure donors that this transaction is secure.

The large body of “privacy policy” text should be placed in a modal window that opens when clicking on this link.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.44.08 AM_1500wJPG.jpg


The topography is somewhat inconsistent with a rather large number of sizes, serif and non-serif fonts, colors and random spacing gaps. The column lengths of text are also quite wide.

This combination results in making page content more difficult to read.





This site performed pretty well when viewed in Mobile mode. However, there are a number of recommendations we would make to maximize this viewing experience.

For example, most of the pages viewed in mobile had no side margins. Adding these is recommended.

With the number of potential donors using mobile to not only view a site for information, but to also make gifts, we have some recommendations for a few general improvements.



Overall, this site does a good job of conveying the organization’s mission and purpose while engaging potential supporters. The organization appears to be conducting some drive-to-site content marketing and its SEO elements such as page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and site map are all in order as well.

With only a few tweaks and adjustments noted above, this site will be able to perform at its optimum potential.