Document Library for Download

Document Library for Download


Use the Squarespace Products to store and categorize documents and make available for download.

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Instructions for Installation

  • Create a Products Page

  • Add a new product: type = Service

  • Add a thumbnail image and tile

  • In the Summary, add a “Clickthrough” link and then upload the file for that link

  • Optionally add more content to the summary

  • Install a section on an index page and add -prodclickthru to the URL slug

  • Install a Summary Block within the section and point to the Products you just installed


Any sections with “-prodclickthru” in the URL slug will look for any links within the summary description for the word “clickthrough” and then use that link to set the links for everything (The thumbnail and the name) . So, instead of linking over to the product page, the file will just download.

Good for PDF literature documents and assets like branding and logos which are typically downloadable via zip files.

Why use products

Galleries are typically used but organizing galleries solely by seeing the visual thumbnails can be difficult. Organizing elements via the products is easier because in addition to seeing the thumbnails, you see the headlines / product name so you can manage better. Products can also be dragged in the preferred order. Blogs could be used for this purpose but you can only order by date (so not dragging of ordering).

Illustrated Instructions