Smooth Scroll To

Smooth Scroll To


Add navigation links that take you deep into a page but smoothly scrolls the visitor through sections on their way to the target section.

This is a little like window shopping and it’s beneficial when a landing page eliminates lot’s of single page clicks.

The most common use of this is to create a long scroll landing page and then create top navigation drop downs that link you down to a section within the long scroll landing.

Works great with footer links as well.

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Installation Instructions

  • Find the page name of the section you want to scroll through and note it as “section-page-name

    • Add “section-” to the title of the page where spaces are replaced by dashes and it’s all lower case

  • Create a LINK to the page by appending the page and the target using a hash and a period (#.)

    • FULL DOMAIN + #. + (Full Domain:

    • EX.:

Installation Instructions Detailed