Build the most trust by featuring what others have said about you.

Using quotes, thumbnail visuals, titles and positions, you can display 1 or multiple testimonials that animate smoothly, one at a time to draw a visitors attention towards the great things said of your organization.

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Installation Instructions

  • Create a gallery and add -slick to the URL slug of the gallery

  • Upload 1,500 x 1,500 square image thumbnails (can be smaller but they must be square. Add _circ to the image file name if you want the image to be a circle.

  • For the gallery image information, enter the source for the image title and optionally separate by a pipe (|), dash (-) or em dash (—) different sets of information - like name and position, or name and company. Any words after one of those symbols will be of a lighter font weight. Don’t add any of these separators and the whole source will be bold

  • Tag each image with _EIT and Testimonial. _EIT sets the order of Excerpt first, followed by Image and then title. Testimonial provides specific formatting designed for these testimonials.

Installation Instructions Illustrated