An animated, any device friendly timeline that unfolds as you scroll and expands as you engage. Optionally add audio clips for a mini audio player and vector body images that are knife sharp on retina devices.

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  • Create a list of bullets, each bullet is a timeline panel

  • Italicize the first line to form the title for the card and then use Carriage Return while holding shift, to create line breaks or double shift+enter to create paragraphs.

  • Any paragraphs after the first will automatically be hidden behind an arrow to expand

  • At the end, add 2 additional bullets indented

    • First bullet, set the year or date

    • Second Bullet: add some copy and then link that copy to an image file and that image file will become the wide image across the top

  • Within the copy, add a string of copy and link to an SVG file to have that appear as a rendered image within the copy.

  • Within the copy, add a string of copy and link to an MP3 to automatically have that copy and link turned into an audio player.

  • Add a tilde “~” plus timeline19 as the last bullet to turn on the feature.