Taking Your Squarespace site LIVE

When we set up your initial site, it's in trial mode. In order to take your site live, you need to:

  1. Purchase your Squarespace site by logging into billing and adding a credit card
  2. Use Squarespace's Domain Connection tools to have your www.mycompanyURL.com point to your Squarespace site.

    ***NOTE: it could take 2 - 48 hours before everyone is seeing your site with the new domain name set up.

    Corporate Networks can take longer as their internal network cache may take longer to recognize domain changes.


Connecting a domain to your Squarespace site

Visit this article for step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Squarespace site to a domain name you already own which may, or may not already be pointing to a website and you want it to point to your new Squarespace site.

Gary Ricke