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World Peace 2017

We wish you to be happy.

I’m calling it transformational philanthropy, which is to try to transform human beings. Make peace, joy, compassion the default state of all human beings.
— Chade-Meng Tan, former Google software engineer

2016 spawned the darkest social atmosphere I can remember.

And then I heard an interview with Chade-Meng Tan — a former Google engineer (employee #107) who's job description at Google was to “Enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace”. He created a course which Google's Eric Schmidt described as “one of the greatest aspects of Google's culture”.

If you can't read his book “Search Inside Yourself”, at least spend 24 minutes listening to Meng tell his story and help us help Meng in changing the social narrative and fostering world peace. 

This book ... represents one of the greatest aspects of Google’s culture.
— Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google

Meng attributes his mindfulness training success to his three tenets:

  1. Science: Everything has to be backed by science.

  2. Precision of language: Have to be able to quantify: Hi resolution perception into the process of emotions.

  3. Make everything applicable to the business world.


His ideas and approach have resonated with many of the most influential minds in the world. 

Click here to view all the heads of state, political leaders, major award winners, captains of industry, famous authors and stars who have embraced Meng's quest.


One Billion Acts of Peace, a global campaign Meng co-chairs was nominated in the 2015 for the Nobel Peace Prize for it's mission to inspire one billion acts of peace worldwide by 2019.

I work with a wonderful team of more than 100 committed individuals doing amazing, Nobel-Prize-worthy work, and I get to pretend to be their leader.
— One Billion Acts of Peace Co-Chair Cade-Meng Tan